MTSS Education

Our MTSS education trainings help educators learn how to provide a higher level of individualized support for their students.

MTSS Education


Educators want to help their students succeed, but many are left without tools to implement supports, monitor progress, and garner the backing of parents and administration. At i-LEADR, Inc., our MTSS education trainings emphasize giving teachers the strategies, tools, and information they require to move forward with student-centered strategies and interventions to close the gap between skill deficit areas and learning standards.

We plan our MTSS education trainings around what your specific school or district needs, whether you have concerns about literacy, writing, behavior, or mathematics. At the end of the session, educators will walk away with multiple strategies to use in their classrooms not just in the future, but the very next day.

We follow the foundational skill flowcharts for both math and literacy to determine the underlying issue, so teachers can have a positive impact as they introduce interventions and work with parents and other educators to solidify student success. Our MTSS education modules cover the four main components of any successful framework, which include:

  • Screening
  • Data-based decision making
  • Multi-level prevention systems
  • Progress monitoring

When combined, these methods allow teachers and schools as a whole to provide a higher level of individualized learning for their students.

Contact us at i-LEADR, Inc. to discuss what your specific school or district needs in terms of MTSS training. We also want to tell you more about what our workshops cover and when we hold them, so please reach out to us today.