RtI Process

We have developed several educational supports for those implementing the RtI process.

RtI Process

The RtI process is not just for students with learning disabilities or special needs; it is for any student who struggles with literacy, math, reading, or even behavior. In the case of a struggling student, the RtI process provides teachers with a proven method to measure progress and implement learning strategies to accelerate rates of learning and continue engagement.

At i-LEADR, Inc., we are highly familiar with the RtI process and have developed several services for educators, schools, and districts to support teachers and help struggling students. These include:

  • RtI workshops—These workshops help teachers understand exactly how to employ the RtI process within their classroom and for individual students. Catered to every unique school and district, Rtl workshops follow the foundational skills charts for math and literacy, which aim to identify the root cause and provide specific training.
  • Professional development training—Like our workshops, these trainings focus on RtI as well as MTSS and various topics like collecting and analyzing student learning data.
  • RtI software—Collecting and storing data is one of the biggest hurdles educators face when implementing RtI practices. Our software, RtI: Stored!, eliminates the hassle of searching multiple sites to pull reports and compiling all required documentation and assessments.

The RtI process can be very involved for many students, and we provide educators with the tools to implement new strategies for students who need additional support. Contact us today to find out more about any of our RtI workshops, professional development trainings, or our innovative software, RtI: Stored!