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The i-LEADR team was born from a desire of two educators who shared the same dream that ALL students can learn.  Our professional development team serves students, teachers, schools, educators, leaders, administrators and parents across the United States and consists of high performing teachers, coaches, counselors, administrators, and district level support.  It is our mission to reach all educators, educate them on best practices, equip them with the training, coaching, planning, programs and tools they need, and matter to the students they serve.

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The most meaningful award and noteworthy moment in our space are the stories from within our schools.  The relationships we build and the impact we make on student development and performance trajectory is immeasurable.  We hold the success stories from teachers, educators, schools, leaders, and students so close to our hearts.

I can honestly say that having the i-LEADR
team to work with has made all the difference
in the
world for me as a coach. Because of our
well-planned district meetings and our clear
roadmap for PLTs,  I am starting to feel more
confident about the vision of GCSD and how to
implement the mission for student
achievement.  I am hoping to continue the
positive energy into 2020!!” -Kim Brown
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It’s possible.  There is a silver bullet.  It’s YOU!

reach. educate. equip. matter

We are team of dedicated educators committed to elevating hearts, minds, and practice. Undoubtedly, there are roadblocks. There are challenges that we face daily in our work of being teacher, parent, doctor, therapist, cheerleader, coach. It’s exhausting. It’s [NOT] impossible.

We have unlocked the secret. Turning around educational systems and schools is our passion. If you are looking for reform, you found your professional development services team.

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