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Our professional development training services are designed to help educators, teachers and schools meet the needs of all learners.


total school improvement.

Leadership.  It’s not about having the right answers in every lane.  Leadership is designing a team and equipping them so they have the strongest answer in every lane and it does not have to be you. 

Total School Improvement for:

Behavior MTSS
Data Analysis
Online Progress Monitoring
Research Based Interventions
Special Education Support
Tier 2 Interventions
Tier 3 Interventions
Educational Consulting
Professional Learning Communities
Effective PLCs
Behavior Management
Core Best Practices

building effective teams

We teach you how to structure your PLCs to provide an aligned continuous improvement cycle.  A structure that yields the highest core instruction gains possible.

Champion leadership

We work with school and business leaders on the habits, roles, and responsibilities of good leaders.  This series of professional development is custom but relies heavily on the evidence from world renowned educational and business leaders.

MTSS and rti

This training covers data analysis, Tier 1: Differentiated Core Instruction, Tier 2: Strategic Intervention, Tier 3: Intensive Intervention, and how to use data collected throughout this system of support to make educational decisions.

collaboritive data analysis

We guide school leadership and teachers through a full day of data analysis, goal setting, and dream catching planning.  Professional learning communities will leave knowing where their students are currently and what to do to get them to their goal.

certified trainings

Our certified trainings include Foundations of Reading, Foundations of Math, Explicit Instruction Strategies, Trauma Informed, Heart of Teaching and TregoED for situation appraisal and decision analysis.


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Improvement System


Our team designed a comprehensive approach to diagnosing school improvement needs K-12.  Our collaborative site appraisals begin with an intensive school-wide data collection and analysis using universal assessments and our formative, classroom walkthrough tool.

Roadmap planning

i-LEADR support teams meet with school and district leadership teams to review our analysis and create a strategic and targeted 2 year implementation plan.  Identifying needs based on data and pairing them to research based practices.

Execute & Monitor

Leadership teams address the what, by who, by when items with the direct support and accountability of our team.  Ensuring fidelity of implementation your team decides the level of support needed from our teams.  Together, we make it happen.

Service options

Professional Development Training Services that fit into your school budget

Our professional development team works strategically to customize every consulting plan so the services provided are tightly aligned to your school’s data and needs.

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