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Our team is excited to get to know you and learn how we can best serve you.  As educators, we are committed to conquering barriers to drive improvement that positively impacts your students.

Impact Stories From Our Hearts to Yours

“i-LEADR has been instrumental in helping us develop a systematic system of improvement. The district had pockets of success and random acts of improvement going on in various locations. i-LEADR has helped us develop a systematic plan for improvement that reaches from the classroom to the evaluation system. Helping us inspect what we expect. Being able to regroup and stop wasting valuable time on processes and procedures that had little impact on the bottom line, has decreased all the effort we were applying to random acts of improvement. We have clear strategic goals that align work from the boardroom to the classroom by working smarter not harder on the things that matter. Our first year we have seen tremendous growth in proficiency and overall student growth.”

Dr. Jeff James

Superintendent, Stanly County Schools

2019 Reflections:  I can honestly say that having the i-LEADR team to work with has made all the difference in the world for me as a coach. Because of our well-planned district meetings and our clear roadmap for PLTs,  I am starting to feel more confident about the vision of GCSD and how to implement the mission for student achievement.  I am hoping to continue the positive energy into 2020!! #goalstocrush  #iLeadr  #commonlanguage

Kim Brown

Instructional Coach, Carver's Bay Middle School

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