We are more than just a product and service company.  The relationships we build with the exclusive members, teachers, educators and schools of our i-LEADR family are immeasurable.  Our team offers continually changing experiences to meet educators’ needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to purchase RtI:Stored to receive professional development opportunities?

No.  While many of the districts and sites we work with use both RtI:Stored and i-LEADR consulting, it is not required that you purchase the licensing for RtI:Stored! 

Is travel included?

No.  Travel is not included and will be rated based on daily or overnight stay.  These additional fees are non-negotiable and help our team cover basic costs of traveling to you.  These will be noted up front on the approved proposal sent prior to services.

Do all consultants have coaching experience

All of our i-LEADR consultants have successful experience working and coaching adults.  Our leaders value the art of coaching and make sure that we equip anyone who is in our work to have the specific content and coaching experience they need in order to meet you needs, no matter the current mindset.

Does leadership have to be present?

Yes.  It is imperative that a member of leadership is present for the entire professional development session.  This helps them know what to expect when they do classroom walk-throughs and manage adult behaviors that need to be addressed by administration. 

how do you deliver PD?

This depends on the content and data.  Some learning opportunities are delivered through PLCs during the school day and some are delivered whole staff on a non school day.  We use data to support every PD session and preplan delivery with leadership to make sure the environment is most condusive to learning.

What are i-LEADR's non-negotiables

1) Reach. Educate. Equip. Matter.  We will never allow barriers to become excuses when it comes to carrying out our mission.
2) Kids First.  We serve adults so they may better serve children, but we will never sacrifice what is best for students for adult comfortability.

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