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At i-LEADR, we invest in people not programs.  Teachers , schools, classrooms and their PLCs are the life blood of systematic improvement.  Our tactical tools are designed by two eductors with a passion for equipping our colleagues and serving children.

our Products

Educator Made.

Very different from corporate educational consulting companies, our professional development programs are educator made and tested.  Producing high gains in school classrooms, professional learning communities (PLCs), and systems our tactical tools are an essential component in the way we do business.  Sharing these programs and tools with other educators and teachers allows us to reach and equip.  We hope you enjoy your i-LEADR, inc. tool belt and share them with your colleagues.

RtI: Stored!

A web-based digital platform that houses Students’ Response to Instruction through implementation of a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) Framework.  RtI:Stored! keeps the focus on effective problem-solving while reducing barriers of implementation.

Free Tactical Tools

Subscribers to i-LEADR receive a monthly newsletter with links to FREE tactical teacher tools.

PLC Wallpaper

Looking for all the i-LEADR anchor charts, quotes, habits, and ways?  We created a decor pack that reminds teachers of all the great characteristics of a strong functioning PLC.


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Improvement System

Data & Analysis

Our team designed a comprehensive approach to diagnosing school improvement needs K-12.  Our collaborative site appraisals begin with an intensive school-wide data collection and analysis using universal assessments and our formative, classroom walkthrough tool.

Roadmap planning

i-LEADR support teams meet with school and district leadership teams to review our analysis and create a strategic and targeted 2 year implementation plan.  Identifying needs based on data and pairing them to research based practices.

Execute & Monitor

Leadership teams address the what, by who, by when items with the direct support and accountability of our team.  Ensuring fidelity of implementation your team decides the level of support needed from our teams.  Together, we make it happen.


Professional Development Programs Trusted by Educators, Teachers & Schools
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From Our Founders

Make Your Own Opportunities

Are you a lead learner in your role?   Are you overworked, exhausted, and getting results that match the maximum effort you’re putting in?  We will never question the work ethic of an educator.  Next to a farmer, teachers are up before the sun, preparing for an environment in that will profoundly impact their students.  Teachers and leaders end their days reflecting, modifying, perfecting practice long after the sun sets.  Our service is an art.  One year is never the same as the last and we save lives at an exponential rate.  It is single handedly the most influential career impacting our future.  With a role so huge how do you make sure it is enough?

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