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Purposeful Practice Workshop Registration

Reserve your space now! We only have 25 face to face seats available per session. Only 50 virtual spaces. Each session will be a stand alone topic. You do not have to attend all to attend one. Pick the one you need most! Finance will send an invoice to the email provided on the registration form. All invoices must be paid prior to attendance. You may pay online using the link on the invoice or by mail. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding reservations for this unique learning opportunity please email info@i-leadr.com. Workshop Sessions will be held in our RISE Leadership Loft at Front Street Baptist Church. Directions will be included on your seat reservation ticket.
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  • Please choose the date and topic for the purposeful practice workshop you wish to attend.
  • You choose! Do you prefer to learn virtually or face to face? Please note, we will only open 25 face to face seats per session. Virtual attendees will receive a webinar invite once your workshop invoice is paid. Face to face attendees will receive a reserved seat ticket once your invoice is paid in full.
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