lean in to your learning & grow as a team!

Rise together

if you want something you never had, you must do something you have never done.

Move your bus.

Here is the thing that everyone is thinking, but no one will say.  “STOP MAKING EXCUSES instead MAKE CHANGE.”  In the last decade education in America has taken a big hit from media, community, politicians… our customers.  Immediately, into defensive action educators began making excuses for the reasons we cannot reach customer satisfaction.  At RISE we coach educators on how to move their bus.  How to run toward their dreams and make what feels impossible become a reality.  It’s the way we do business.  RISE.  It’s best for kids.  As the world around us changes, we must change too.

move your body.  change your mind!

Education & Leadership Experience


2 – Day Collaborative Team Experience at the National White Water Center, Charlotte NC.

  • Team Meals
  • Elevating Development Sessions
  • Outdoor Team building Activity
  • Adult Social and Networking
  • Reformed Mind, Heart, and Team

stronger together.

how will you rise?


  • Equipping Leadership Habits
  • Staff & Student Handbooks
  • Schedules – Master & Bell
  • Data-Based Rosters
  • Data-Based Resource Allocation
  • PLC Collaborative Matricies
  • Refined/Defined walk-through tool
  • Community Connections


  • Purposeful & Tactical Workshops
  • Active Participation/Engagement
  • Classroom Management
  • Procedures and Routines
  • Student Data Notebooks
  • Community Connections

why we rise

Who do they think they are?

We are dreamers.  We are runners.  We work tenaciously toward our mission. Therefore we know we are #goalgetters.  We embrace the idea of risk and failure.  We challenge ourselves and each other.  We believe that education is only as broken as the people who are serving the institution.  We rise because kids deserve it.  Those who lead and serve on the i-LEADR team have helped coach impossible spaces to high growth and high achieving opportunities.  We rise because it is our mission to


Get In Touch

211 South Center Street, NC 28677
(704) 275 – 5350

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