Math Diagnostic Interview

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Math Diagnostic Tool

For teachers, educators and schools in helping assess a student’s math skills.

The math diagnostic interview was created by educators dedicated to identifying students’ strengths and weaknesses in their mathematical understanding. The interview is not a universal screener to be administered to all students. However, it is intended to serve as a 1:1 diagnostic interview with students to learn more about their level of understanding in foundational skills that are critical for conceptual understanding of mathematics. A research based universal screener should be used to first identify students who are at risk for difficulties in mathematics. Once students are identified, the Diagnostic Interview can be used to determine deficits and target instruction based on need.

The math diagnostic interview is designed for educators to observe (hear and see) students' strategic approach to solving math. The assessor should write observations that would be helpful as targeted instruction is designed to close students’ gaps.

The Diagnostic Interview is not intended to be used for progress monitoring, but it can be readministered up to three times per year (BOY, MOY, and EOY) to measure whether or not the student is closing foundational gaps in math learning. It is recommended that educators align more frequent progress monitoring to the intervention being provided between growth checks using this student math assessment.

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