Let Our RTI Software Change the Way You Implement Intervention Strategies

Let Our RTI Software Change the Way You Implement Intervention Strategies

RTI Software – Student Intervention System & Intervention Platform

Helping teachers, educators and schools with student intervention strategies.

Our RtI software, RtI Stored!, is a comprehensive intervention system designed to help you implement and keep track of instructional and intervention strategies for students on an ongoing basis. With applications for teachers, schools, and school districts, it is the innovative tool you need to track the level of support being provided to each student.

Let Our RtI Software Change the Way You Implement Intervention Strategies

  • Comprehensive system—As students journey through the intervention process, our RTI software provides tools for date-stamping events, submitting data, and viewing historical documents. This allows educators to see the level of support for every student from differentiated core instruction through the various tiers of the Multi-Tiered System of Support.
  • Leveled access—There are different levels of password-protected access available in our RtI software. For instance, states, districts administrators, building administrators, coaches, counselors, teachers, interventionists, psychologists, speech pathologists, and nurses can view all necessary components through a secure portal.
  • Color-coded level of support—Within our software solution, students are color-coded depending on where they are in the intervention process. This allows viewers to clearly see an overall snapshot of who is receiving what type and level of support.

In addition to these components, our software solution provides a comprehensive suite of tools, such as Meeting Creation, Intervention Grouping Features, and the ability to easily run reports on a class, grade, or school level with additional filter options for ongoing continuous improvement.

We want to tell you more about our RtI software solution and how it can make difference for the students in your school, class, or district. For further information or to view a demonstration, please reach out to us today.

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