RTI Training: Why Parents and Teachers Like RTI

RTI Training: Why Parents and Teachers Like RTI

RTI training for teachers, educators, parents and schools.

RTI training is meant to help educators and school administrators understand how to effectively implement intervention strategies to help all students experience growth and success on an academic level. Investing in RTI training for your staff is a valuable action because of the many benefits this approach to specialized learning provides not only for teachers, but for parents as well.

Why Parents and Teachers Like RTI

From a Teacher’s Perspective

RTI is extremely fluid, and intervention strategies can be applied at any point during the school year. These interventions can be systematically and extensively applied to the student’s situation, depending on their current and ongoing level of need.

RTI also provides individual interventions and is meant to take a student from where they are in terms of their skill level and help them get to grade-level expectations. This means adjustments can be made based on responses to specific interventions for the individual student– not the response of a small group or a whole class.

From a Parent’s Perspective

Many parents approve of RTI systems because their children continue to receive core instruction in their general education classroom. Additionally, parents often recommend RTI methods because if one intervention doesn’t work, there are other options to explore before special education. It also doesn’t use a “wait and see” approach, which can cause students to get so far behind they have to repeat a grade or take additional courses in the summer.

Our RTI training workshops give teachers the tools they need to identify intervention strategies and implement them with success. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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