SECTION 2 – Tier 1: Differentiated Core Plans
SECTION 3 – Early Warning System
SECTION 5 – Behavior
SECTION 6 – 504 Plans
SECTION 7 – Guided Tiered Plans

Component 2: Site Navigation

Site Links

  • Site links are located on the top center section of your screen and look like this
  • These links will take you to:
    • Students (from either teacher or admin view)
    • Professional Learning Community (PLC) Link
      • To access & complete Tier 1: Differentiated Core Instruction Plans
    • Early Warning System (EWS)
    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    • Task List


  • Directly under the Site Links, you will find the filtering system to filter to some or all of the following filter options:
    • District
    • School
    • Grade
    • Class

Search Feature

  • A Search box is located below your username on the upper right side of the screen and is available to enter any portion of a student’s name to filter the viewable list of students

Active/Inactive Student Files

  • Stored! will default to Active students – located directly under the RtI: Stored! Cube
  • If a student withdrawals and becomes Inactive in Stored! prior to receiving a request for the student’s file, they will be located in the Inactive files
  • Click on Active and you will be able to access the Inactive student files and all contents


  • In the upper left corner of the screen you will find the black Menu box


Filtering Options

Grade Level Reports

  • Access any and all of your district/school universal screening and/or universal assessment reports directly
  • Example Reports:
    • MClass
    • i-Ready

Chart Options

  • Pie Chart: provide breakdown of percentages and numbers of ALL students served in general education, through the tiered system of support and those receiving special education service
  • Line Chart: provides a month-to-month breakdown of the movement through the tiered levels of support to assist with coaching and support
  • Quick Reference Chart: gives a breakdown of the number of students in each grade level by specific area of concern that are receiving supports in any given area

    • Clicking on a number in the Quick Reference Chart will provide you with a list of student names that the number represents, as well as which teachers they are tied to
    • Export Student List allows you immediate and current access to the current list of students by Tier