Component 8: 504 Plans

Documenting 504 Plans

504 Plans can be created directly in RtI:Stored! for individual students.

The student does not have to be receiving any tiered level of support in order to complete the 504 Plan.

  • Click in the white box located below the student’s name in the Student Dashboad.
  • Click the red “Create 504 Plan” button at the top of the Student Dashboard.

  • You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to create a 504 Plan for the student:
  • Click the blue “CONFIRM” button to proceed.
  • The Online 504 Accommodation Plan Form will populate for you to edit.
  • Click SAVE when the plan is complete.

  • Students with completed Section 504 Accommodation Plans appear in the Student Dashboad with a 504 Plan icon below their name: 


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